About North Perth Local

We are a not-for-profit community town team that provides a strong voice for residents, community organisations and business owners and operators within North Perth 6006.

Working collaboratively with the City of Vincent, community organisations, private developers, businesses and residents, we work to enhance our precinct and make it a great place to live, work and visit.

Our projects including public art, streetscape enhancements, events and local information are some of the ways our volunteers contribute to making North Perth great.

We welcome membership and participation from anyone who runs a business or community organisation in the precinct, as well as local residents.

Our Objectives

We work to make North Perth a better place to live, work and visit by focussing on the following objectives.


To encourage the
City of Vincent and its councilors to act in the best interests of North Perth to develop and improve services in the precinct.


To act as a
conduit between the City of Vincent and other bodies, and the residents, rate payers and businesses of North Perth.


To encourage the
upgrading and enhancement of the built and natural environment including trees, streetscaping, lighting, traffic flow and public recreation.


To promote the
benefits of a system of local government in which residents, rate payers and businesses have a role in decision making for the North Perth precinct.

Who can join?

Any North Perth resident, business owner/operator or local community group representative is welcome to join.

We rely on the ideas, action and passion of our community to make North Perth a fantastic place for all of us to enjoy.

Committee 2018

Ida Smithwick
Andrew Ryan
Co Chairperson
Paul Burnett
Dom Manno
Ellen Oosterbaan
Minutes Secretary
Theo Kouroulis
Committee Member
Nik Zounis
Committee Member
Sarah Gazia
Committee Member
Alicia Dadleff
Committee member
Pheony Tan
Committee member
Karen Lee
Committee Member

Action Plan

North Perth Local’s action plan 2016-2017 outlines the objectives, principles, strategies and actions of this local town team in the City of Vincent.  

North Perth Local Action Plan 2016_2017
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