6. Post Office

A postal service in the form of a receiving office began in 1903 on Angove Street (site 9 on the trail) while the authorities waited for the suburb of North Perth to grow to critical size to support a post office. In July 1909, the Post Master General was quoted in The West Australian stating that the creation of a post office for North Perth was not yet required:

“The suburb is certainly extending rapidly, but it is at present very scattered, and can, in my opinion, be better served by two or three allowance offices until more closely settled.”

However, planning was underway for the future. In May 1905, architect Michael Cavanagh had agreed to sell a block of land opposite the new North Perth Town Hall to the Post Master General’s Department. In 1916, the North Perth Post Office and its attached postmaster/postmistress residence was finally constructed. Designed by architect Hillson Beasley, the new building cost £1,720.

North Perth Post Office, 1940s
North Perth Post Office, 1940s

As the following image from the Perth GPO shows, mail was still delivered by horse and cart in the 1930s.

Cart Loaded with Mail Perth GPO, 1930s
Cart Loaded with Mail Perth GPO, 1930s

Telegrams, the faster form of communication, were delivered by messenger boys on bicycles. Colin Arthurs, the Postmaster General Messenger Boy, is shown on Fitzgerald Street in 1928.

Messenger Boy, Fitzgerald St 1928
Messenger Boy, Fitzgerald St 1928

In the late 1970s, Fitzgerald Street began developing as the new shopping centre of North Perth, and patronage of the North Perth Post Office on View Street gradually decreased. A new post office was built on the corner of View and Fitzgerald Street in 1996, and North Perth Post Office was renovated to provide office accommodation for the administration department of the Central Business District and Northern Suburbs postal services.  In later years the Post Office operated as a retail location for WA designer Aurelio Costarella and is now a make up academy.

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