The North Perth Walk takes you on a self-guided historical walking tour of the North Perth Town Centre.

The 16 sites portray a period in time from the dawn of the 20th century to 1950s, when the town centre we recognise today was first laid out. Visiting sites in Angove, Albert, View and Fitzgerald Streets, we take a tour of the early life of the suburb by investigating some of the places that once stood here and in many cases remain today. It does not attempt to portray a complete history of the area, but is a snapshot of a period that shaped the North Perth we know today.

We wish to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which this walk takes place, the Whadjuk people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this region. Whadjuk custodianship and culture, as well as waves of immigration from many nations of the world from the post-war years on, has built the shape and culture of our North Perth neighbourhood today.

How to follow this walk

The North Perth Walk is designed in a loop around the North Perth Town Centre, starting at the western most location of the former North Perth Police Station at 81 Angove Street and finishing at Future Shelter, 56 Angove Street. You may choose to follow the suggested sequence or commence the trail at any site along the route. The walk should take about 1 hour to complete at an easy pace.

North Perth Walk map


The North Perth Walk is an initiative of North Perth Local created with funding of the City of Vincent. We would like to thank the City of Vincent’s Local History Centre for their contribution, in particular Senior Librarian Julie Davidson.

Walk Sites


1. Police Station

Original North Perth Police Station The North Perth Police Station was built in Angove Street in 1907, with the keys being handed over to the Inspector of Police on 30 January 1908. Designed by Hillson

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2. Tram Terminus

At the turn of the 20th century, the growing residential population of North Perth needed dependable public transport to take them between the suburb and the city to work, shop and be entertained. The West

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3. Percy Estate

Percy Estate North Perth In North Perth, the earliest subdivisions were developed from c.1895 on Swan Location 653. Percy Estate, named ‘for no obvious reason beyond its vaguely aristocractic sound’, was located south of Angove

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4. Primary School

Education of North Perth’s children In 1897, 1.7 acres of the Toorak Estate in Albert Street was purchased as the site of a school for the growing population of North Perth. Initially known as Woodville

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5. Town Hall

Chambers for the new municipality The North Perth Road Board District was gazetted in March 1899 and North Perth was declared a municipality in 1901. The following year, a Town Hall and Council Chambers were

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6. Post Office

A postal service in the form of a receiving office began in 1903 on Angove Street (site 9 on the trail) while the authorities waited for the suburb of North Perth to grow to critical

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7. Fire Station

The North Perth Fire Station on View Street was opened in 1926 and was the second fire station constructed in the suburb. The first station (built between 1905 and 1909) was situated on the corner

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8. St Hilda’s Church

At the turn of the century, Anglican Church services in North Perth were initially conducted in Gibson Hall, on the corner of Daphne and Angove Streets, and at the North Perth Primary School. In 1904,

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9. Corner Store

This brick and iron shopfront constructed in 1903 is a typical corner store of the type found around Australia in the first half of the 20th Century. The general store also served as the original

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10. Rosemount Hotel

During the Western Australian gold boom of the 1890s, the low-lying city of Perth began to be transformed by elaborate, architecturally designed, multi-storey buildings including hotels or licenced premises. In Perth there was one hotel

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11. Bank of NSW

The Bank of New South Wales was established in New South Wales in 1817 and opened its first branch in Perth in 1883.  During the Eastern States Depression of the 1890s, the Bank looked to

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12. Rosemount Theatre

The Rosemount Theatre in Fitzgerald Street, North Perth, opened in 1923 to cater for the entertainment needs of the growing suburb. Attending a picture garden or picture theatre became a popular form of entertainment for

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13. Woodthorpe’s Butchers

As more residents made their homes in North Perth in the early 1900s, a range of local businesses were also needed to provide their everyday needs. The first business listed in Angove street in Wise’s

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14. The Laundry

An old boiler at the back of the courtyard at The Old Laundry is a reminder of the commercial laundries that operated through Perth in the early 20th Century. While the boiler is located at

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15. Woodville Reserve

Parks for the people As North Perth become more populous, 38 acres of parks and recreation land were added between 1901 and 1938 including a children’s playground adjoining the Town Hall, Beatty Park Reserve and

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16. Hardware Store

The pair of shops at 56 and 58 Angove Street have stood for more than a century.  Their aspect in the streetscape has remained relatively unchanged and they have witnessed various businesses and owners come

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